Users Feedback

The time children spend on theirs or their parents’ phones nowadays is just too much. Social distancing is a real problem of our times and it extends to families as well. Children cannot understand the risks behind excessive usage, and parents cannot be there all the time checking their kids’ activity. In my point of view the idea behind momrule is simply great! Its logic is simple yet efficient, the interface is “parent-friendly”, and it is easy to set up. I also appreciated that it does not require any unnecessary access on the device, which makes it more secure and reliable to me. The only thing that confused me at first is whether the time limit is for the hours the child can spend on the app, or the hours it cannot, but appears to be the former. Besides that, it is a very useful app. Would totally recommend it.

Akis K


his app is great and certainly it’s useful but it has some improvements that could make the product much more successful. If your child is using the app and the usage time is reached, the app doesn’t closes automatically. Only when the app is close or running on background it’s not possible to open it again. Besides I was able to lock an app only for one hour. I could not customize the usage time so I don’t know if that it’s not possible or just I did not realize how to do it.

Natasha R


Downloading & installing MomRule is fairly easy. You download & open the APK file to install. Installation on my phone was blocked by Play Protect, but I just clicked “install anyway” & the application was installed & ready to set up. After opening you agree to the T&Cs, then go through some setup steps. The first step blocks MomRule from being uninstalled without a password (to access Settings you will need the MomRule password, so your child won’t be able to uninstall the application.) The second step allows MomRule to control other applications, and the third step lets MomRule monitor other applications. Each step has simple, easy to understand instructions, so although your experience will vary per device, mine was fairly easy. You set up a password (don’t forget this!!!) and write down a hint, a question, & an answer in case you forget your password. Password resets are simple; you answer your security question and reset the password. The password service is important because it helps keep your child out of the application.

The main page of MomRule is basic. Up top on the right, there are three options: share, a clock rewind symbol that opens the MomRule website, and Settings. The Settings doesn’t have many options, but it does allow you to change your password and uninstall the application. Below the mini-menu is a list of all the applications on your phone. At the bottom of the screen the application shows (#) Application available and (#) Application limited. This just tells you the applications you have vs. the applications you have limited. When you click on an application it opens up a new menu. Here you can adjust the lock time for that individual application. The minimum is half an hour, and the max appears to be five hours. It would be nice if you could adjust in smaller increments, perhaps 15 minutes at a time. Also, I wish it had a higher maximum time than five hours. Still, the available time frames should fit most real-life applications. Once you limit an application it will show you some additional information about the usage of that app. On the top, it displays the amount you have set as the “per day limit.” Below that is the “total used” (for that day.) At the bottom is “Average.” I’m assuming this is supposed to be the average time spent on that application, but for me, it displayed 00:39 for every app. Not exactly accurate, but certainly not a deal-breaker.

The actual “lock” feature works great. It doesn’t show you a message; it just won’t open the application. At all. It doesn’t give any options to bypass, & it doesn’t give you any clues as to why it won’t open. This feature is perfectly executed. You can only lock one application at a time on the free version, but for a one-time payment of $7.99, you can unlock as many or as little applications as you want. This is worth it in my opinion, especially when compared to similar applications that want you to pay as much or more every month for a subscription. All in all, this is an application I would recommend if you want something simple to limit your child’s screen time. The price is great, the product has almost no learning curve, & it’s easy to adjust settings if you want to allow more or less screen time. Don’t waste money on other products. Save your cash (less $7.99,) and get this app that’s simple and effective.

Kevin F