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Momrule , once you grant it the power to control the other apps on your phone allows you to set a maximum limit per day of how much time a child can spend on each app on that phone. It simply enforces time limits for each app. Without the parental password Momrule cannot be uninstalled.


Momrule does not spy on your child, and does not intercept keystrokes and such and will not tell you which sites your kid has been visiting or what he or she has been typing into the phone.All activities stay on the phone, your traffic is not redirected through some external server like many controller apps do. The downside is that if you lose your parental password, we cannot help you, there is no 'send email with re-set password link', because we do not have access to your phone, and we want to keep it that way.


The free version is free for the life of the device, and you can control any ONE app. The premium version allows you to control almost ALL the apps on the phone. You can upgrade to premium for a small one time fee. No monthly subscriptions, no ridiculous forever billing.

Download Momrule Free

Download the free version of Momrule today for your Android phone. Momrule is available exclusively on and is not available anywhere else. We have opted not to list this app on Android Playstore because this app is designed to give you the power to control all other apps on your phone.

Once you love what the Free Version does please consider supporting us by upgrading to the Premium version for a small one time fee.